Herbal Incense- Are You Ready to Take a New and Potent Aromatherapy Scent?

Posted by John on 5/16/2014

Aromatherapy has been around for generations and the go-to therapy for those who want to relieve stress and treat certain medical conditions like infections, depression, burns and even insomnia. But for many, aromatherapy is considered the best tool for relaxation. The relaxing aroma that comes from aromatic herbs like chamomile, lavender and spearmint help relaxes the body and brings the senses to new levels. But these common aromatic herbs aren't just the ones best for your next aromatherapy sessions. If you are the adventurous kind and you want to bring the scent to the next level, then herbal incense should work for you.

Herbal incense best for the adventure seeker

Herbal incense or herbal potpourri is made from a combination of different spices and herbs. This product will feature one or more compounds that are similar to the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, thus providing the user with a more heightened aroma and experience. There are different purveyors of these products, and each provider will come with its own specific blends. Though these products are available in different blends, still all these can help provide heightened benefits compared to the usual herbs for aromatherapy.

The use of herbal incense is now favorite spice incense among enthusiasts who want to get a more heightened aromatherapy experience. This is normally used during yoga sessions that can help promote deeper meditations. And since the aroma from the potpourri can reach certain parts of the brain particularly the limbic system, then this can help you feel good, as if eating your favorite dessert without the extra calories! In short, the use of herbal potpourri can help give you a different kind of meditation or relaxing experience that you can’t get from regular aromatherapy herbs.

A few notes before using herbal potpourri for aromatherapy

The use of herbal incense is generally legal in most states but it pays to read some manufacturer warnings. For example, the potpourri should not be taken orally. Also, a basic 15 or 20-minute aromatherapy session focused on proper breathing and relaxation is all you need to get the desired effect. And finally, pay attention to your source of these products. Counterfeit products also exist, so it’s best to work with tested providers so you’ll only get the ultimate aroma sensation.