Marijuana and Herbal Incense- What’s the Difference?

Posted by John on 5/28/2014

What was once developed purely for research purposes is now making waves in the market thanks to its marijuana-like effects.  Commercially known as herbal incense, this product is actually based on JWH-018, a compound initially used for research purposes and now used in a number of products and promise to deliver a different high. These products have become popular in the market for a number of reasons- some individuals like to experiment with a new high and some would like to try a different smell. The effects and experiences delivered by herbal incense allow many enthusiasts to think that herbal incense and marijuana are similar products.  Some enthusiasts can’t be faulted for thinking this way, but as a way to fully understand and better experience these two products, it’s best to understand their similarities and to discover what makes the herbal incense different.

What are the similarities between marijuana and herbal incense?

Herbal incense is generally marketed as a compound similar to marijuana since this offers a similar effect. The effect is similar because the compounds found in herbal incense and marijuana will react with CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the person’s brain. These are the parts of the brain that affects appetite and short term memory. Also, both products are herbal in nature and can be smoked using joints, thus giving the impression that herbal incense and marijuana are similar.

What makes herbal incense different?

Though herbal incense is marketed to give that marijuana-like experience, keep in mind that the substance will provide more potent results. According to some researches, the herbal incense formulations that are available in the market is 4-5 times more potent than the compound found in marijuana. This means that you’ll only need a small amount to get the experience that you are looking for. Also, herbal incense can come in different and fun formulations like Bob Marley, Bizarro and Scooby Snax. In short, with herbal incense you can select a specific package that can suit your specific needs and mood for the moment.

Herbal incense is simply an alternative to marijuana and provides a more potent effect. This is best for someone looking for a ‘stronger and a different’ scent experience. And just like the use of legal marijuana,  this should be used in a responsible way and all manufacturer recommendations should be followed.